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Meet Mr. Gosa Bahadur Kharde : ''A Tribal Art Genius from Nandurbar, Maharashtra"

Description :

  • Explore the fantastic world of tribal art brought to life by Gosa Kharde, a talented painter from Nandurbar in North Maharashtra. Gosa takes the colors, stories, and traditions of their tribal roots and turns them into beautiful paintings.
About the Artist :
  • Gosa grew up in Nandurbar and started painting when they were young. Their art is like a window into the tribal way of life, showing the culture, nature, and stories of their community.
What You'll See in Gosa's Art :
  1. Nature: Beautiful landscapes, plants, and animals from Nandurbar.
  2. Traditions: Paintings that celebrate tribal customs and festivals.
  3. Stories: Art that tells ancient tribal tales.
  4. Harmony: Art that shows how tribal people live with nature.
  5. Modern Twist: Mixing old traditions with new ideas.


Gosa is known for their art not just in Nandurbar but all over India. On this page, you can see their art and discover the amazing culture of the Nandurbar tribal community through their paintings. Enjoy the journey into tribal art !

Bring Home a Piece of Tribal Heritage

Owning "Tribal Art Prints" means preserving a piece of our tribal culture and supporting the artistic talent of Mr. Gosa. Whether displayed in your home or office, this painting is a conversation starter, a work of art that connects you to the heart and soul of our tribal community.

By purchasing "Tribal Art Prints" you're not just acquiring a stunning artwork; you're also contributing to the growth of tribal artistry in our region. Join us in celebrating our culture and nature through this remarkable painting by Mr. Gosa.